Placed in the heart of Mediterranean, Sorrento is like a balcony over the sea with views that extend from the island of Procida across the Gulf to Naples and Mt. Vesuvius. The city sits on the cliff that plummets straight down to the sea. It has, for more than two millennia, enjoyed the status of seaside destination, starting with the Greeks. Choosen as a summer destination during the Roman era, as emperors Agrippa, Tiberius and Augustus had their splendid villas here.

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Sorrento sits on a sheltered spot on the promontory, protected by the surrounding hills. It has been an important port for centuries of seafarers. It has many millennia of welcoming travelers, and the tradition of hospitality is carried on proudly. The name derives from the Latin adaptation of “sirens,” a reference to the mythical musical mermaids who lured Ulysses and his crew with their melodic but deadly songs. It is said that the sirens lived in the rocks below Sorrento, in the little islands of Li Galli.

The center of the city’s life is Piazza Tasso, which is full of energy and people at all hours. Corso Italia and Via Cesareo represent the main shopping streets. It is lined with cafes, restaurants and shops but the entire historic center has life, sights and eateries tucked away in the side narrow streets. Villa Comunale is a civic park bursting with blooms and trees, a popular gathering spot for the citizens. Piazza Vittoria contains the Temple of Venus, or what remains of the ancient structure. The church of San Francesco has a cross-vaulted cloister that hosts concerts and art exhibitions. And don’t miss the Romanesque Duomo, the city’s cathedral that dates back to the 1400s. It has gorgeous doors with a fresco over the portal. It’s accompanying bell tower has a clock faced with maiolica tiles and there are ancient columns shoring up its base.


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